The First Time

The best place to start any weekend is in your arms. Your passion burns like fire and sets my soul ablaze. After the long and difficult times we’ve endured, it is precious to have this time with you again. We’ve had many high points in our journey, and this is one of the best times.


You, my dear love, caused me to understand a simple thing about maintaining a long and prosperous relationship. It is such a small thing, but very powerful.

Every time I see you, I see you for the first time, again.

And every time I feel the same fearful excitement, my heart races, my hand begin to shake, and I stare in astonishment. You are my dream girl and I love the way you care for me.

Sometimes it is the small things in life that mean so much, and this is one of those times. There was no rolling thunder or lightning or music from the heavens to accompany a grand event. Instead, there was just a short time for our souls to kiss again, to warm ourselves in the sweetness of Habanero Honey.

You are always my girl.

I love you.