Instead of telling you about me, let me tell you about us…

We frequently attended events hosted by an organization we both supported, and I saw her often at the parties but never introduced myself officially. We sometimes had short greetings before the events began, but nothing personal. Then one evening, as the event was ending, she came over and introduced herself and asked if we could go somewhere and talk.

We were meeting frequently for coffee (she had Pepsi instead) where we got to know each other a little bit, and she constantly apologized for her English although she’s very fluent. We began sharing some life experiences and soon realized many were very similar, despite the differing cultures. It was pleasantly surprising to see how distance and culture could be bridged in a sort of time warp, allowing us to live similar experiences.

Friendship blossomed quickly. Our coffee dates turned into date nights and shared meals. Watching her in the kitchen is hypnotic! She has a specific way of using flavors and herbs in combinations that created amazing aromas that filled the house. Most meals were simple dishes but each one was carefully prepared with layered ingredients, causing layered flavors.

Through several years of dating and frequenting the same events, we both realized what we feel is more than close friendship. Now we are experiencing a love that grips me with an intensity that is inexplicable and glorious! While we are not ready to move in together, we do feel a strong love for each other that keeps drawing us together.

I love you darlin’