A crazy clown fell in love with a wild Latina and the entire world seemed to change almost immediately. The way love arrives and permeates is a strange phenomenon that I doubt will ever be understood, but felt intensely. This website and these blog posts are my way of expressing what I feel, experience, and dream because love has come to me.

I hope love finds everyone.

It’s cliche, I know, but don’t give up hoping for love. I am middle-aged and just now experienced for the first time. I never had puppy love as a boy nor fell in love as a teen. So when I realized I’m nearly 50 and still haven’t found love, I had given up hope. So I embraced my life without love and planned a future of solitude.

Then she showed up.

Lively, charming, beautiful, and smart, she introduced herself. Friendship blossomed immediately and we discovered we had so much in common despite our different cultures, languages, and educations. Our life experiences are almost mirrored reflections at times, and we became very close.

Now she’s mine.

This website is a collection of posts and expressions that I want to share with her, as a journal of sorts, as an expression of all that she is to me – and the effect she has in my heart, mind, and soul. I share it here, publicly, because the world needs more love, more evidence of sincere affection.

Yo te amo bebita bella  ❤